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Asphalt Sealcoating Procedure

Doctor Sealgood's recipe for success lies in the dilligence of cleaning and preparing your asphalt. The "P"s of asphalt maintenance are PROPER PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE.

The removal of vegetation, dirt, and debris is imperative to allow the products to bond with the asphalt and preform as desired.

Step 1. Edge the driveway and route out cracks with a gas-powered asphalt cleaner. Equipped with a wire wheel, this machine makes short work of unwanted weeds.

Step 2. Blow off the dirt and debris using a gas-powered blower and wire brush assuring proper adhesion of the products.

Repeat steps one and two until the surface is clear of all dirt and debris.

Step 3. Fill the cracks with special rubberized hot tar. This step is essential for preventing water from erroding the base fo the asphalt.

Step 4. Seal coat the driveway with commercial grade coal tar emulsion. Each batch of sealer is made from concentrate using the best strengtheners and additives on the market. Brushing the product on the asphalt in multiple directions works the sealer into the pores and grooves of the driveway. This process will result in a PHD. Pretty Handsome Driveway!

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